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Kapital Payments Helps people and businesses transfer money with fast and cost-effective payment solutions and customized cash management strategies, which help companies of any size and in any industry to achieve firm results for better communities, better economies, and a better world.

Our Offer

Global Payments

Online Transfers

Market Insight

Global Customer Support

Global Cash Flow Management

International Payment

Risk Management Consultations

Our Advantages

  • Pay at the real exchange rate

  • Global Secure Payments

  • Multi-currency Account

  • The lowest upfront conversion fee

  • Instant Money Converter

  • Utility Bills Payment

We Are


Most of our transactions are completed in minutes



we have an industry-leading technology that protects your money.



Send your money and information confidentially



Global Network with well-known businesses



almost hassle-free fees with best exchange rates up front, with no hidden costs.


Safety & Security

Kapital Payments offers high standards of security and gives value to your money and your privacy as much as you do. We had set up the best payments’ system to ensure that your money and your financial data are secured enough, with our SSL encryption; we help companies beat cyber-attacks, we help you protect your customers’ data and money transfers from theft and all sort of fraudulent activities.